The tutors or facilitators of the U3A IT group – Roy, Ken, Christine and Vernon – are volunteers, like all U3A group leaders. We not only give up our time to run the classes each week but we also spend time researching for and preparing presentations, purchasing and maintaining the IT equipment used in class and so on.

It is therefore very satisfying to receive expressions of members’ appreciation of our efforts like the following:

I shall not be able to attend many more meetings, as I move to Dénia at the end of January. You have been a wonderful teacher, extremely professional, not only computerwise but in handling people, too, in explaining patiently. Your natural friendliness has topped it all. Thank you very much for all these many hours you dedicated to us all and to me individually.”

“Hi just want to say thanks to you all for running the IT sessions that Roger and I have enjoyed so much this past year.