Jan 042014

The following are the subjects we intend to cover in the U3A IT group during the first weeks of the New Year. We will try to keep to this timetable but it is not always possible to estimate accurately how long it will take to cover a particular topic.

We will start the new term with one joint group but will run a Beginners group later if there are sufficient new members.

January 15      Facebook – a Powerpoint presentation and a practical demonstration of some of the more popular aspects of this social media

January 22     Connecting devices to the internet and to each other – creating a home network. If you have more than one piece of IT equipment in your house, you will probably want to share a printer, access to your broadband router and even share files. We will try to explain simply how to achieve this

January 29     Continuing our explanation of home networks

Other subjects to be allocated a date:

Voice recognition on your PC/laptop

“Radio broadcasting – how IT helps me present radio programmes in UK from here in Spain” – a talk by Vernon, illustrated with examples of live and recorded programmes on Hospital Radio Basingstoke