File Extensions

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Common File Extensions

A file extension is commonly used to give information about the way data might be stored in the file.

You will see the extension separated by a      . (dot)     at the end of your file name, for example:- 

Address list.doc  or Xmas list.docx

Perhaps you downloaded a file from a website and could not gain access to the file.

Instead you got a message saying ‘windows cannot open this file’.

If you cannot open a file it may be because you don’t have a program that is capable of opening that type of file.

Often it is the software type that is needed rather than a particular software program. For example a .txt file extension would mean that you need a text editor, but it does not necessarily have to be notepad. A .doc file can be opened by most word processors and the same goes for a .jpg file which can be opened by most of your graphic viewers.


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