Apr 222019
???Just a few of the ?Programs?/?Topics/Apps? we have covered? over the many years
Roy & I after much discussion have decided to call it a day
and end our leadership of the U3A Tech Group ‘Computer Club’
We feel we accomplished what it was initially started for, but over
the last couple of years many things have changed – topics that no longer
seem to relate specifically to Computers & IT.
We moved on from Windows PC’s & Laptop programs to the Internet/email & Google,
then Android – Tablets, Smart Phones, TV Box & Smart TV’s
and not to forget – The ‘Cloud’ and much more.
From that point on we diversified to many other unrelated topics, asking
each month for suggestions/feedback as to – what next?
But as we ourselves have commitments and visitors over the
next weeks & months, we have now come to this inevitable decision.
We appreciate all who came to the Computer Club to keep us on our toes
and we hope we helped many of you over the years.
with warmest regards
Roy & Kris
There are many of the Topics we covered on our website, listed in the column on the right hand side.
Take a look before the website is taken down as it is no longer being funded.
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Feb 222019
Hi Everyone the next meeting will be Wednesday 27th February at Los Amigos Alcalali
We will meet at 12 noon, have a talk/chat and then lunch at around 12.30/12.45 for
whoever wishes to stay, each paying our own way.
As Ken is moving back to the Kingdom (UK) at the end of March
this will be his last session with us.

U3A Tech Group
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Jan 232019
Hi everyone, we now have a new format for the group.
At the meal on the 28th November & after much discussion with
everyone attending, it was agreed that we would meet on the last 
Wednesday of every second month, (i.e.  30Jan, 27March, 29May etc)
We will meet at 12 noon, have a talk/chat and then lunch for whoever 
wishes to stay, at around 12.30/12.45 each paying our own way.
January the 30th was due to be the next session but as Roy will be away
and I (Kris) have visitors the last week, this is now cancelled.
I will keep you informed re our future meeting date.
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Nov 152018

As the current sessions are now finishing we will be arranging a meal on the 28th November
for 12.30 at Los Amigos Alcalali,
meet at the restaurant at the usual time of 11am.

For those of you not joining us at the 11am session, we hope to see you at the 12.30 lunch

If you are interested in joining us for the meal will you please email me
with names & numbers, partners are also very welcome


U3A Tech Group
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May 212018

Hi everyone, a reminder of the next session
at Los Amigos on Wednesday 23rd May
We don’t have any specific topic(s) to explore at this session
but thought the ‘Register of Clinical Trials’ may be of interest.
Most people know that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration must 
approve a drug before it reaches the market or a hospital room. 
But very few people outside of the medical field know 
what happens before the drug gets to the FDA.

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Mar 222018
Related image

At this session we will follow on from the last one to see
how everyone has coped with the new Apps,
afterwards we can discuss & hopefully resolve 
general questions/queries you may have.

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Jan 162018
Hi just a reminder of the date/time of the next session on the 24th January 2018
11.00am Los Amigos Alcalali.
We will be booking a table at around 12.30-1.00pm for Lunch afterwards.
If you are interested in joining us for the meal will you please email me at
with names & numbers, partners are also very welcome.
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